Conversations & Confessions with K Lowery Moore

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Conversations & Confessions with K Lowery Moore

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Who doesn’t need a mid-week break to indulge in intriguing conversations with a dash of poetry and a hint of music? Oh, and don’t forget the wine. In a world where there is so much pain and sorrow, K. Lowery Moore, author and poet, hosts Conversations and Confessions to discuss a myriad of topics that will ignite positive conversations geared towards promoting self-love, encouraging healthy relationships, reprogramming negative stereotypes and rebuilding the family structure in the African American community. The primary focus of this show is to bridge a huge communication gap among people with diverse backgrounds and to develop an understanding towards people with differences in perspectives.

With a variety of thought-provoking topics using an interactive format, listeners will have the opportunity to confess their inner most thoughts. All issues in the world will not be solved in an hour, but there is nothing wrong with having the conversation to get people thinking about life more proactively and positively. The show is Rated-R and no topic is considered taboo for Conversations and Confessions with K. Lowery Moore.

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