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Genealogy Adventures digs beneath the surface to get into the DNA of America. In each episode, co-hosts Brian Sheffey and Donya Williams cover different aspects of American genealogy and history, along with special guests. The show covers aspects of genealogy and history, covering topics like analyzing genetic codes, DNA diagnostics, tracing bloodlines - and occasionally debunking long-held beliefs.

Engaging and thought-provoking public speakers, Brian and Donya have expertise in DNA, mid-Atlantic and Southern research, with an emphasis on the intersection of white, black, and Native American genealogy. They use their knowledge to solve cases of unknown parentage from Colonial America to the present day utilizing DNA and paper trail evidence. Both are, and continue to be, popular speakers at genealogy conferences and seminars, as well as the popular international hosts of “Genealogy Adventures.” genealogyadventuresusa @genealogyadventures @genealogadvent genealogyadvent GenealogyAdventures

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