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Open Bar

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Welcome to Open Bar Radio your forum for lifestyle and edge. Join our cast and crew as we; observe, joke, presume, fight, have fun and unwind all over a drink. Having a drink provides an opportunity to tell our stories, to forge friendship and brotherhood. Get in on "The Drink of the Week" watch and listen us as we explore classic, at times exotic, and sometimes random drinks from around the world! The Open Bar is the ultimate outlet for fun, information, and connection. featuring "Hot Ron" your celebrity bartender and source with the 411 on current affairs. "Red the Truth" bringing you up to speed on Social Action in the community and all your local and national sports updates. "Country" plows the political and business landscape and teaches the difference between city folks and country folks. "PDO" raises the thought bar for love, sex, and relationships and helps clarify the spiritual and moral compass in modern culture.... Salude!

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